We are Gospel-centered | We want to believe in and live the gospel: the great news that our Creator God is reconciling His unfaithful people to Himself through Jesus Christ. This truth motivates our worship in thankfulness to God, and our appreciation and love for others. This is the message of the Bible, God’s Holy Word—the foundation of our faith.

We are growing in hope | We believe that Jesus is calling all who hope in Him to follow Him as a disciple. This also includes making new disciples. We believe this is best fostered by a personal relationship with the leadership of the church, to encourage one’s spiritual growth. We hope to foster each person’s understanding of their spiritual gifts, to be able to use them in ministry to others. As a church body, we work together in reaching, building, and sending out new disciple-makers.

We are sharing the hope in Christ | We also recognize that God has graciously given us a responsibility to share the hope that we have found with others. To do this well, we must understand the barriers to faith specific to this age, speaking the same timeless message of hope to an ever-changing society.

We are Spirit-dependent | We recognize that apart from the work of the Holy Spirit, we will not see our plans bring any glory to God or build His kingdom. Therefore, prayer is the starting point of our life of faith. We want to recognize what God is already doing and join in His work. We hope to accomplish goals that are beyond our strength and capabilities, as it will most clearly display that only God could have brought them about.

We are reproducing churches of hope | We believe that God has chosen the local church as His instrument to build His kingdom in this world. We are committed to growing new bodies of believers that can share the hope of the gospel in their communities. We plan to help start new churches out of our own community to reach Texas, North America, and the world.

We are historically rooted | We appreciate the great treasury of truth that is to be found in studying the history of the Holy Spirit’s work through the Church, especially the doctrines of God’s sovereignty and justification by faith alone, that came out of the Reformation. We have a confession of faith, which clearly states what we believe the Bible teaches about Christ and the gospel-the Westminster Confession of Faith. We also use a catechism to teach others the truths that we believe.